Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a not so perfect picture

This is actually my very first picture using a digital camera, a Cybershot. It belonged to the family and I would take it with me every now and then (if nobody else is using it). I discovered how much fun it was to use a digital camera. One does not have to worry about saving film so one can take as many pictures as one likes. This opened me to the wonders of photography and I got hooked. When my husband saw that I had problems competing with my children for the use of the camera, he gave me my very own, the Nikon 5700 that I mentioned in my first post.

Anyway, when I took this picture, I did not know anything about the “rule of thirds” or about the “golden hour.” I just knew I wanted to take a picture of sunrise, thus this picture. Even if the composition is not perfect, I like the mood.

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