Tuesday, October 28, 2008


When I first engaged in photography, my favorite subjects were flowers, leaves, and other non-human things. Why? Because they are always there. I didn't have to ask permission to take their picture. I can take dozens of pictures without them complaining about being tired or being not in the mood. However, I also faced one challenge about these subjects - how do I take their picture such that they will show some emotion? I cannot very well ask them to smile or to cry (although my daughter commented once that flowers do smile everytime they see me with my camera). Anyway, what I usually do is - work around various angles until I would get some kind of connection with my subject and the emotion would come out unexpectedly. I know this is kind of hard to explain or I might not even be making sense but you will understand what I mean with this photo. Doesn't the title "expecting" naturally fit this photo?

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