Friday, October 24, 2008

another not so perfect picture

Aside from flowers, raindrops are my other favorite subject for my photographic adventures. Most people don't like taking photographs when it rains, but not me. I always love it when it rains because I know that I can take pictures of raindrops.

Why is this picture not so perfect? Because it's not sharply focused. This is a big no no in photography unless of course one really wants to create an intentional blur. However, this is not the case in this photo. It's a little blurry and that simply means it was not properly focused when I took it. Since I did not want to get my camera unduly wet when I took the picture, I did not have time to get a very sharp focus. Anyway, I took the picture and kept it, and now I'm even sharing it. Why? Because I love the picture. I love the mood that it conveys. When I saw the raindrops on the leaves of this plant at that time, I knew I had to take the picture. The plant looked so forlorn then and I was even reminded of angel tears and the line from the song, "Windows of the World" --- "whenever rain appears, it's really angel tears, how long must they cry...."

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