Friday, November 7, 2008

postcard perfect

One place that I never tire of visiting is Boracay. It is such a photogenic place. Every time I go back there, I always find something new to photograph. Even if the place has been photographed hundreds or even thousands of time, there is always something there that makes one take even more pictures. Of course the attraction of the place is really its crystal clear water and powdery beach. I simply love walking on the sand that never gets hot even under the noontime sun.

The picture I’m sharing today is Boracay early in the morning. The early morning sun gave the whole place a bluish tint although I emphasized this with my polarizing filter. Placing the landmark dead center in the picture is intentional. I know I broke the rule of thirds here. But rules are simply guides and can be broken as long as you know why you want to break it. I just wanted a postcard perfect picture of the place.

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