Sunday, November 9, 2008


After about 2 years of taking pictures on my own, I decided it would be good for my growth as a photographer to interact with other photo enthusiasts, so I joined a camera club. The club meets once a month and the highlight of these monthly meetings is a photo contest. There is a monthly contest theme which is announced ahead of time.

The contest theme after I joined was “jeepney in color.”

Although jeepneys are a common sight here in the Philippines since they are major means of transportation, I have never thought of making them the subject of my photo adventures. As I mentioned before, my favorite subjects are raindrops and flowers and occasional sceneries. But jeepneys? “oh no”, I said to myself, “what have I gotten into?” So my first month as member of the club started with a real challenge.

I have never joined photo contests before and jeepneys are totally out of my league, but I had to take the challenge. Anyway, we had a month to work on the theme. So I took my camera with me every time I left home. I knew I would always find jeepneys along the way.

Most of my first pictures were blurred because the jeepneys are moving and I was also in a moving vehicle. What camera settings should I use? I tried all kinds of possible combinations until I discovered the sports mode. This mode gave me the best possible photos under the conditions.

Anyway, the photo I am sharing today is one of the results of those weeks of taking jeepney photos. Guess what, this photo placed #9 out of about 50 or so entries. Was I excited? You bet! Imagine, first time to join and I got a place already!

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