Tuesday, November 4, 2008

caught in a raindrop

I mentioned in my earlier post that my favorite subjects for photography are flowers and raindrops. Since I have been posting mostly flowers, I thought that today is a good time for another raindrop photo.

This photo is titled “caught in a raindrop.” It is actually cropped from a bigger photo to focus more on this raindrop. I had an interesting discussion with a good friend when I shared this photo. We talked about - “what if our world is caught in a raindrop like this? Can you imagine what will happen if the drop falls? Is our world really as fragile as a raindrop”, etc.? We had fun tossing the idea around. I hope you will also give it a thought. How about it?

1 comment:

treasures 306 said...

I must admit that my favorite of your captures are of the raindrops and water beads, although all your art photography is lovely.

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