Wednesday, February 11, 2009


How do you convey reminiscin' in a previous photo?

We had an assignment for a photo contest with the theme "reminiscin'". The explanation is, we are supposed to go through our winning photos for 2008 and try to reminisce about our winning moments. I really had problems with this assignment.

For example, I had a winning photograph that shows a pair of slippers covered with caked mud. So how am I going to show reminiscin' with that?

I made a collage using my winning photos surrounding an eye but it did not pass the judges critical eyes. Surprisingly, the photo that got the judges nod is this photo that I am sharing today.

I just opened a magazine showing my winning photo and then I placed a cup of coffee beside it to show that I am drinking coffee as I looked at my winning photo. Just goes to show that usually the simplest concept gets the nod. However, judging photo contests is really very tricky. Most of the time, everything depends on how the judges interpret a certain theme.

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