Wednesday, February 25, 2009

horned beetle

Look what I found near my door today... a horned beetle. So I got a piece of chopstick and carried the beetle on it out to my garden. I then got my camera and took several pictures.

I think the beetle must have been caught by our dogs. They usually bring to our door whatever they have been playing with. Sometimes I find bones, stones, pieces of rags, etc. They even brought a fish once...poor fish. The most "amazing" things they brought to our door however were... a paper plate together with plastic fork and spoon and a plastic glass... as if telling us that they came from a party! Ha ha.

Anyway... this beetle sure looks ferocious with its horn.


maggie said...

I was outdoors somewhere in the middle of Malaysia around about 1968 with my husband when one of these beetles hit me on the side of the head. We were watching a wrestling match of all things in which our nextdoor neighbour was wrestling.

The match was taking place in the middle of a field. I was sat next to the time keeper I was one of the few people that had a seat the rest of the people were standing.

After the beetle struck me on the side of my head a young boy ran over and picked it up and brought it over to me and asked me if I wanted it. I told him no thank you it was so big and fierce looking.

I wish there had been digital cameras back then I would certainly have taken a few photos of this beastie.

Your photo brought back happy memories, I am glad that you shared it with us.

Salvacion P. Angtuaco said...

Hi Maggie,
Thank you very much for your story. I thought at first that you were watching a "wrestling match" between beetles, because some people do conduct fights using beetles.

Yes, you are right. Sometimes I also wish digital cameras were around when I was still doing a lot of traveling. Films were so expensive then so they really limited our picture taking activities.

Thanks again for the visit and comment.

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