Monday, July 20, 2009


Last Saturday, we (our camera club) joined Scott Kelby's 2nd Worldwide Photowalk. For those of you who are not familiar with the photowalk....This is an activity participated in by photographers from all over the world. You need to register your site for the walk and invite as many as 50 photographers to participate in the walk. The idea is to shoot anything that you encounter during your 2-hour walk around your site and at the end of 2 hours all of you meet at a designated place wherein you share the photos you took and discuss and bond with fellow photographers. Then each photographer can upload to Scott Kelby's site a maximum of 2 photos that can compete for prizes with the photos from other photographers from around the world.

Our site was Antipolo City. We were lucky that there was an activity going on at the park last Saturday so we were able to take photos of dancers as well as other things, people and places around the area. There are so many interesting things and places in Antipolo but we could not cover all of them. The photowalk was limited to only 2 hours.

Anyway, we had fun and we really enjoyed the activity even if it rained later.

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