Thursday, July 2, 2009

collage, bayan ko

I've long wanted to create a collage but I never got around to doing it until we had a photo contest wherein we were supposed to interpret the song "Bayan Ko".

This song was composed during the time of war when we Filipinos rebelled against foreign domination. It describes our country as a land of riches and beauty and has captivated many foreign invaders. However, we have become captives in our own land and we wish to be free.

I thought that the best way to interpret the song was through a collage. However, I learned later on that collages are usually discouraged in photo contests. So what to do with the ones I already made? Well, since I could not submit them as entries to the contest, I might as well share them here. Right?

So, here is one collage I created.

To make a collage, you have to create a new file. Then open the photos that you want to use and move them to this new file as layers. If you want to make a certain layer transparent as what I did here on the left side, then you have to create a layer mask and then use the brush to make a specific part transparent. That's it.

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