Monday, January 26, 2009

add people in your landscape photo

Have you ever noticed how adding people to a landscape (or seascape, or airscape) photo makes it more interesting?

I mentioned this in a previous post last November 14 wherein I talked about my "stalker shots".

Well, this photo that I'm sharing today shows this. Just imagine how this photo would appear without the person in the picture. It would just be another waterfalls picture, right? Adding the person however made it more interesting. Now, you can start asking some questions like: "What is that person doing there? Is he/she exploring or planning something? suicide maybe? or is he/she looking for some rare specimens? So, there seems to be a ledge there?..."

See what I mean? Adding the person can make us ask questions and maybe take a second look at the picture.

Of course we have to be careful that the person we add to the picture does not distract from the whole scene that we want to take a picture of.

Oh by the way, the person in the picture is a 'she'. She is a friend and fellow photographer who went up the falls to explore more angles for a shot.

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