Monday, May 4, 2009

mundane things ...soap bubbles

In my photography adventures, one of the questions I always ask myself is, "what else can I take a picture of?".

A friend told me that that he likes my photographs of mundane things, so this is one theme that I have focused on lately. For the next few days, I will thus be sharing my photographs of mundane things. Maybe you will take a second look at these things after you see the photos I will be sharing.

To start today, I'm sharing a photo of soap bubbles on water. What do you think? Will you look at soap bubbles closely now?

1 comment:

Reymos said...

I was smiling looking at these bubbles. I did some shots as well last year while washing some dirty cups and plates. I have point and shot digital cameras and somehow limit me to explore macros. Anyway, if someday I finally decided to venture on SLR, then I want to exploit these bubbles, especially the vivid colours (rainbow) on them!

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