Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the many faces of water ... raindrop

I thought since I love taking pictures of water, it would be nice to share photos of water in its many forms. Thus today, I begin a new series and I call it - "the many faces of water".

My first photo is of course that of one of my favorite subjects - a raindrop. The title for this photo is "Hello World". What do you think?


frogyfish said...

I came from HubPages to visit you and have been delightfully amazed at the beautiful variety of your photos. I would be jealous if I were not so pleased for you!! You have an artistically unique eye.

S.P.Angtuaco said...

Hi frogyfish,
It's so nice of you to come and visit my blog! Thank you very much!
Your comment makes me so happy!
You are so artistic yourself because I know you from HP. We follow each other there.
See you around and thanks again!

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