Wednesday, April 15, 2009


In my other blog,, I talked about patterns as one of the things I like. So I thought of repeating here what I wrote there. I still don't know how to link one blog with another, that's why.

Patterns are exciting subjects in photography. I'm thinking that I might do a series about patterns in the next few posts.

For today however, here is what I wrote in my other blog...

One of the many things I look for when I compose my shots during photography is to look for patterns. So when I thought about "P" as my topic for today, I immediately thought of patterns.

We find patterns everywhere... in things at home, in the office, in school, in nature.

Just look at how crayons are packed or how bottles are stacked. Take a look at the leaves, or the flowers, or the stones. Observe the things in your closet, or your bag, or your desk. You will find patterns there, everywhere.

The challenge in photography is to present these patterns in such a way that they create pleasing pictures. This is the challenge that always excites me. That's why I love taking pictures.

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