Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Flying baby

One of the things I love doing when in a public place like Boracay is to watch what other folks are doing and to capture some interesting shots. I love taking "stalker shots" as I call them.

Well, the photo I am sharing today is about a baby being repeatedly thrown up the air by the father. I took a series of shots of the activity. I'm certainly glad that I had my zoom lens with me that day. Although I could not hear them from where I was, I'm sure the baby was squealing with delight or fright then. There was even a point when both father and mother were throwing their baby like a ball between them. Should I say "poor baby" or "lucky baby"? I really wonder if a baby remembers such activity with "delight" or with "fright"?

Do you remember being thrown up in the air at all?


shavya said...

Hi..........ur photos r really awesome..:)

S.P.Angtuaco said...

Hello Shavya,
Thanks very much for dropping by and leaving an inspiring comment!
Hope to see you again!

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