Monday, February 27, 2012

Using Textures, Layers and Blend Modes

I have never tried using textures in my photos. I just learned how to use them lately and have been doing some experiments. I am enjoying this new found way to create a new look of my photos. I did not realize it's just easy. Either you use some already existing textures or you can even make your own textures.

I discovered that the technique is just easy.  You just have to use the blend modes in the photo editing software, like Photoshop.

I have written a step by step article on using layers and blends in my hub in HubPages. The link is here if you are interested. How-to-Change-the-Mood-of-Your-Photos-Use-Layers-and-Blending-Options

I am just sharing a photo that I created by using this technique. Try it and have fun!

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