Sunday, January 2, 2011

An Out of Bound Froggie

I am starting my New Year with something new (for me anyway). I just learned how to make an out of bound photo effect. The process is rather long and a little bit complicated. However, once you get the hang of it, it becomes easy. I just searched in the web for the easiest tutorial to do this effect and I found it in this site:

How do you like my out of bound froggie?


*aCe* said...

Hi, Angtuaco..

This is really great! Are you using your own photo? Coz the photo itself is a very nice capture. Glad to hear that my tutorial has been quite helpful for you.

S.P.Angtuaco said...

Hello aCe,
Thank you very much!
Yes, that is my own photo. Thank you very much for your kind comment.
I really learned from your tutorial. That's why I'm happy to show the result. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your tutorial!
God bless!

Lisa said...

I love your froggie!


S.P.Angtuaco said...

Thanks very much Lisa!

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