Tuesday, February 9, 2010

distortion in perspective

We had a photo contest last week about churches/architecture. I did not have time to shoot any church photos so I just went through my old files and picked some old photos. Since churches are usually one of the most interesting structures in any location, I did have a few photos. I had a problem though because those photos where taken simply as souvenir shots, I did not have much control of lighting. So to jazz up the photos and give it a little bit of twist, I thought of playing around with perspective in photoshop. I just learned how to do this so I was rather eager to try it out.
The process is rather easy. Just open your picture in photoshop, duplicate your file and then go to the crop tool and select the whole photo. Then put your cursor over the corner of your photo and bring the crop arrow towards the center. You can do this with the other corner and also slide it towards the middle. Then finish the cropping action and viola ... you have changed the perspective of your photo. This is what I did to this photo I'm sharing today. However, I just used the bottom corner for the distortion. The photo came out rather interesting, don't you think so? The two photos are the before and after distortion. What do you think?

My photo did not win in the contest, but I discovered a new way of adding something interesting to a photo - distortion in perspective.


Nortehanon said...

Oh, this is interesting. Ma-try nga po ito hehehe. I haven't tried distorting a photo.

Salvacion P. Angtuaco said...

Hi Northehanon, Thanks for the comment. Yes, why don't you try it. It will give you some interesting changes in perspective.It's fun!
You are Filipino?

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